my driver has the car stocked with red bull and blow pops. all good here (at San Angelo Regional Airport)

#TBT my dad and I on his horse with my sisters pulling us along. damn I miss you dad. only true hero I’ve ever had

heartbroken to hear the news that Johnny is gone.

on the road again (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

another great day at the office #kiss #lakiss #4thandloud

Murica 🇺🇸

Cody Jones live in Los Angeles, CA performing “Elephant” written by Jason Isbell. Elephant is a song about cancer. A song about how life can fuck you up and won’t even allow you a proper goodbye. It is a song about being human, with all the pain and ecstasy that entails.

these girls kill it every single week for us, and look damn good doin it


Soooo, watch us on #AMC starting August 5th. We promise to entertain you. #KISS #LAKISS